Affordable Website Maintenance Services

Keep your website thriving with our monthly web maintenance services.

Keep Your Business Website Up and Running With Our Website Maintenance Services

Does your business have an existing website that requires regular updates and changes? Just 99 Marketing provides affordable monthly website maintenance services to keep your business website operating at its peak performance. Furthermore, our web administrators will ensure your site is secure and up to date at an affordable price.

With our monthly website maintenance plans starting at only $99 a month, our website maintenance packages are an affordable way to keep your site secured and content updated. We keep things simple with our website maintenance process. Fill out our web maintenance request form, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting to keep your website up and running at its peak performance. Contact us today at 800.413.4998 to learn more!


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Advantages of Our Website Maintenance Services

Just 99 Marketing employs experienced web administrators that will help your website thrive.
Here are just some of the advantages of using our website maintenance services

  • low-website-cost

    Low Website Maintenance Cost

    Generally speaking, third-party website maintenance can be pretty costly. Therefore, most business owners avoid using these services, fearing they would drain their limited budget. How much is monthly website maintenance? With Just 99 Marketing, such fears are entirely unfounded. Namely, the web maintenance packages we provide start at only $99 a month, and no WordPress website maintenance agreement is required.

  • secure-website

    Secure Website

    Website security is of great importance, especially for business pages. Web security threats such as viruses and cyber attacks can make your webpage unavailable for days or months. Therefore, it's essential to make sure your website is protected from malicious threats.

    With Just 99 Marketing, you will get malware removal and hacked website repair. Furthermore, depending on the package you go with, you will get 24/7 anti-malware protection. In other words, your website will becomeimpenetrable.Finally, we'll ensure you obtain an SSL certificate, which means your customers will also feel safe while browsing through your webpage. Contact us today at 800.413.4998 for a free consultation.

  • upto-date-content

    Up to Date Content

    Another critical aspect of website maintenance is making regular changes that reflect your current offers and promotions. If you fail to update your website frequently, your current and potential customers will deem it irrelevant and avoid it. However, this job takes a lot of time and expertise if you do not know how to make updates on your own. Just 99 Marketing's web administrators will ensure your web content is updated as often as needed. Furthermore, our services include e-commerce maintenance. Therefore, we can add or remove products, change pricing, and highlight limited offers. Finally, Just 99 Marketing will provide website speed optimization to help your site consistently run at peak performance.

  • variety-of-platforms

    Variety of Platforms Covered

    It doesn't matter if your website is built in Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, WIX, or WordPress; Just 99 Marketing has you covered. Our website maintenance services are available for all the mentioned website platforms without any price difference. Furthermore, we can also work with custom platforms such as PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and Prestashop. However, if your website is developed on these platforms, you'll need to contact us for a custom quote. Furthermore, our more advanced plans are still relatively inexpensive compared to the industry standard. So, if you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for premium web maintenance services, contact Just 99 Marketing today at 800.413.4998.

Furthermore, our more advanced plans are still relatively inexpensive compared to the industry standard. So, if you
don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for premium web maintenance services, contact Just 99 Marketing today at

Why You Should Delegate Website Maintenance ?

Business owners are often faced with whether to use web maintenance services or do it themselves.
However, it’s better to delegate this job to professionals for several reasons.

  • 1

    Less Time-Consuming

    More often than not, dealing with web maintenance takes hours of working time. So, your employees will need to abandon their essential duties to work on your webpage. With Just 99 Marketing, you will not have to face this problem. Once we agree on the details, our web administrators take things into their hands, letting your employees focus on more critical tasks.

  • 2

    More Cost-Effective

    Web maintenance services can get quite costly. However, hiring a web administrator would prove even more expensive as their average hourly rate is between $35-$47. Therefore, hiring Just 99 Marketing for your website maintenance services is far more cost-effective. Furthermore, when you choose us as your partner, you will get the same value at a fraction of the cost.

  • 3

    Highly Professional Solutions

    Just 99 Marketing is a trusted digital marketing agency, so you can rest assured that your websites in safe hands. We are a team of skilled and experienced web administrators that will provide the best solutions to protect your website.