How to Change Squarespace Template

Squarespace Template
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As the saying “change is inevitable” applies to many things in your life, so does it to your business. You will find that you will need to incorporate a few things into your Squarespace template as your business grows. So, if you are looking to implement a Squarespace change template for any of the versions but are unsure how to change Squarespace template, don’t worry. You are in the right place!

This article highlights a step-by-step process of how to change Squarespace template on your Squarespace 7.0 or Squarespace 7.1 websites. Stick around, and let’s explore together.

How to Change Template on Squarespace 7.0

We have versions 7.0 and 7.1 as the primary template versions for Squarespace, meaning they differ in their features and installation process. Therefore, you must consider and follow a specific procedure for each. So, let’s start with how to change Squarespace template 7.0.

  • Pick the Correct Template

The first step to implementing a Squarespace change template version 7.0 is to ensure you pick the suitable template by going through the templates to study their features and functionalities. So, identify features like banners, sidebars, index pages, footer navigation, footers, page headers, and background images because they differ from one template to the other.

  • Install Your New Template

For a successful Squarespace change template, begin by installing a new one. And to achieve a new template installation, click “Design” on the home menu of the website back-end before clicking on “Template.” Then click on “Install New template,” where you will have a list of available templates. After identifying a preferred template, click “Start with,” and the Squarespace change template will be available on your template panel.

  • Perform a Template Review

At this point, you can see the new template’s overall look and structure by hovering over the template and clicking the “Preview” icon. In the preview, site owners can see the new template, including demo content, which will not be visible to the visitors.

  • Edit Preview Pages

Before publishing the new template, you can edit your site pages on the preview tab. This step is the best chance to ensure each page is in order before you make the new template live. Click on the “Home Menu” icon before proceeding to “Pages,” and you can now remove the demo content and use your pages which you will find in the “Not Linked” section.

  • Template Styling

Step five of Squarespace how to change template entails working on the site styles on your new template before publishing. So, edit elements like padding, fonts, backgrounds, and colors. Each template features its visual design, which may or may not work for your site. When styling your template, note that the new template will not be visible to your visitors until you publish it by going to “Design>Site Style.”

  • Publish Your Template

This is the last step on how to change template Squarespace once you have already prepared your new template for completion. If the pages have satisfied you, click on the “Set as live template” bar at the bottom. A message will prompt you to confirm this process by clicking on “confirm.” And that makes your Squarespace change template permanent.

How to Change Squarespace Template Version 7.1

So, what about how to change Squarespace template version 7.1? This version eliminates the need to switch templates where all version 7.1 sites come from the same template family, with similar style options and features. It starts with the template you select when creating version 7.1. From this point, you can always change your template’s design by;

  • Switching to a Different look

Click on the “Design” bar on the website back-end’s home menu. Then click on “Site Styles” and manage the style settings changing colors, buttons, fonts, animations, etc.

  • Adding Different Page Types

Click the “Pages” icon on the home menu of the website back-end and click on the “+” next to the Main Navigation to add pre-built pages or collections. Then use a pre-built designer layout by clicking on “Page Layouts.” The final step of your Squarespace change template version 7.1 is browsing the available layouts before selecting the best one for you. If you need more information regarding how to change template on Squarespace, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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