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Access this SEO ranking checker online free to see how well your website is optimized, and then build on the strengths in your marketing strategy and correct your weaknesses. 


Assess if your website is user intuitive and creates a hassle-free browsing experience for clients. Run through the SEO audit checklist to see if it is appropriately mobile optimized.


Take advantage of web site analysis tools to assess the load speeds of your website. Use our SEO audit checklist to boost your user’s experience and reduce bounce rates. 


Build authority and search engine recognition by utilizing the security portion of the SEO audit checklist. The SEO audit free version lets you quickly see if your website is secure, safe, and malware-free. The free SEO audit will check and verify:


This easy SEO ranking checker online free also provides social media metrics to gauge if your social media platforms are directing traffic to your website. 

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What is a Technical Site Audit?

Our free SEO audit allows you to check your website’s verification in minutes, but the free website SEO audit is only the first step. Once you get the results and utilize the free backlink checker and meta description checker, you need to know how to interpret the results.


Our SEO audit checklist offers users a free SEO analysis that reveals how well your website is optimized, so you can fix gaps and boost your website optimization. Our web site analysis tools are designed to offer you easy to read SEO ranking report that covers dozens of optimization goals, including but not limited to off-page backlinks, on-page SEO, performance, security, and social media. 

The free SEO audit assigns a letter grade (A-F) to each facet of your website optimization, including:

  • SEO
  • User Experience 
  • Site Performance 
  • Security 
  • Social Media 

Just 99 Marketing recognizes that SEO is a complicated process, and not everyone is familiar with current SEO search trends and industry terminology. Therefore, to help you understand the results of the free website SEO audit, we have created a breakdown of the web site analysis tools utilized and compiled a list of popular SEO terms you may see on your SEO audit checklist. Reading over this list before you tackle your report will make the information easier to comprehend and utilize.

On-Page SEO Optimization


All on-page SEO tactics aim to ensure that search engines properly read your website content and identify your targeted keywords. When this works correctly, you will rank high in the SERPs.

The free website SEO audit will scan HTML tag content to ensure that target keywords appear appropriately in the structural content. When ranking your On-Page SEO, the free SEO audit analysis tool will judge the consistency of keywords across websites, analyze image alt tags, and quickly measure your meta description length for efficacy. 

H1 Header Tag

Only one H1 header tag should be used per page, and it should identify the main keywords you want the page to rank for.

Title Tag

Optimally, title tags will fall between 10 to 70 characters. Longer titles will not be visible, and the SERPs. 

Keyword Consistency

There is more to keyword optimization than simply repeating significant keywords. Each page’s content should be focused on highly rankable keywords, and all identified keywords should appear in the title, meta, and header tags along with the content.


Meta Description Tag

The audit will check your meta description length to ensure it is between 70 to 320 characters. The meta description checker looks for an accurate representation of the page subject. 

Image Alt Attributes

Image Alt attributes were created to assist web browsers who are visually impaired, but they are now instrumental in signaling to search engines how images tie into the website content. Missing Alt attributes will hurt your final SEO audit free score. 


The inclusion of a Robots.txt file is a simple way to offer search engine spiders instructions on how to access your website. 

Keyword Rankings

As part of your free website SEO audit, you will receive the top ten keyword rankings for your website’s specific location. This list will show which keywords drive the most traffic to your website based on country, position, and total search numbers.

Average Traffic Volume

This figure reveals how much website traffic is currently driven by keyword-related searches. 

Link Building


Links are integral to achieving a high SEO ranking, which is why our free website SEO audit includes a free backlink checker. Our backlink checker looks over each page to look for backlinks and judge their authority. Backlinks help your website gain authority in the SERPs by demonstrating that other websites view your website as an authentic and valuable source of information. At the same time, the anchor links should surround your keywords to maximize your ranking.

Keyword Positions

Keyword positions are simple to understand; the higher the keyword ranking you receive from the web site analysis tools, the more likely you are to receive search-based traffic. 


As mentioned, backlinks are used by search engines to signal relevance and authority. Therefore, you want to receive a high grade from the free backlink checker.

Friendly Links

Friendly links are simple to read and memorable. You want your website to display a simple link such as, not

Usability Results


Increased web traffic rates are useless if your bounce rate is high. A bounce rate measures how many visitors leave your website soon after arriving. Properly optimized usability is the way to reduce this rate and bolster your search engine ranks. Your goal should be to maximize the user-intuitiveness of your websites so that visitors instantly engage and stick around long enough to digest your sales pitch or notice your products. As a comprehensive SEO ranking checker online free grading tool, the free audit hits all these significant usability issues.

Mobile Viewports

The viewport is necessary to determine the size of a user’s device so that the website displays accurately. 

Google’s Web Vitals

Smaller websites that Google is not reading may not have Core Web Vitals, which is a significant problem for all businesses and needs to be identified and fixed after the free SEO audit. 

Email Privacy

While plain text emails are easier to display, we suggest all businesses use contact forms or images to avoid being taken advantage of by email spammers. 


In general, it is a good idea to avoid iFrames since they complicate mobile navigation and are not easily indexed by major search engines. 

Device Optimization

One of the key benefits of the SEO audit checklist is that it identifies if your page correctly renders on mobile and tablet devices since most modern users access the internet while on the go.

Tap Target Sizing

Like fonts, just because a tap target can be accessed on a laptop does not mean they are accessible on a mobile touchscreen.

Performance Results

performance results

The other important variable that impacts your website’s bounce rates is its overall performance. It is no secret that the modern consumer expects immediate gratification, which is why our free website SEO audit is so popular among our clients. Internet users expect quick results and load speeds of less than 3-5 seconds. If your website cannot deliver that, your customers will move on to the next. By accessing our web site analysis tools, you can identify any breakdowns in your overall website performance and fix them. 

Page Speed Insights


The goal is to reduce your page’s server response time to as low as possible. 

Page Size Insights

You cannot optimize a large page size; you must keep all pages under 5MB to enhance laid time and prevent poor user experiences. 

Available Resources


The number of resources required from web servers can affect your load time. The more files, the higher the load time. A big part of a technical SEO audit is looking at how to consolidate or remove excess files, scripts, and styles. 

Current Image Optimization

It is no secret that images can quickly slow downloading times (this is why Flash is now extinct). Use this free SEO audit to identify images that should be resized or saved in next-gen file formats.

Inline Styles

The goal of the SEO ranking checker online free results is to identify inline styles and then create simpler HTML code.


Simple tips to reduce page size and quicken load times. 

Social Results


Social Media platforms provide an instant and free marketing platform that allows businesses to facilitate robustly and natural customer interaction while building strong brand awareness. However, owning a social media page is not the same as optimizing it. The free website SEO audit helps you identify weaknesses in your social media marketing campaigns to boost your brand visibility online. Just 99 Marketing has a social media management team always ready to help.

Software Coding Libraries

The SEO audit free analysis can identify the following coding libraries or software on your website:

  • Facebook 
  • Bootstrap 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Font Awesome 
  • Google Font API
  • Google Tag Manager 
  • HubSpot 
  • Gravity Forms 
  • iQuery 
  • Nginx 
  • MySQL
  • PHP 
  • OWL Carousel 
  • reCAPTCHA 
  • WordPress
  • Slick 
  • Yoast SEO 

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