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Who We Are

Welcome to Just 99 Web Design! We are a full-service digital marketing agency with local offices in Richardson, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas. Since 2016, we have provided our digital marketing services nationwide to startups, small and medium-sized businesses. Our mission is to elevate our clients’ business branding with custom designs that are affordable and high-quality.

Just 99 Web Design represents some of the business’s best minds—smart, creative people who immerse themselves in your brand, your customers, and your competition.


What We Do

Just 99 Web Design specializes in graphic design, website design, copywriting and search engine optimization. We help our clients develop a new brand identity and stand out from their competition.


Logo & Graphic Design:

We push the creative envelope every day with our award-winning logo design services that are 100% custom, bold, and unique! Our team of talented graphic designers also are experts in designing attention-grabbing flyers, banners,  brochures, restaurant menus, business cards, and much more. Contact us today at 800.413.4998 for a free estimate!

Web Design & SEo Services:

Our highly-skilled web design team can create an affordable website design starting at just $99 or a completely custom web design for your business, depending on your budget. We utilize the latest technologies to develop the most dynamic and interactive websites.

Not only will your website be a beautiful design, but it will also be a responsive design. You’ll have the option to add on our SEO services to drive traffic and website visitors to your site. Contact us today at 800.413.4998 to schedule a free web design and SEO consultation with our expert consultants standing by!

Meet Our Creative Team

Our creative team does everything it takes to help grow your brand. We are a community of highly-creative, skilled designers and digital marketing specialists, who take pride in creating compelling designs that achieve your desired business outcomes.

While creativity is our bread and butter, we know project managing and first class client service are also equal parts of our winning formula. Our creative team works with clients around-the-clock to evolve their ideas from concept to launch. If you’re looking for unmatched creativity and high-end client service, look no further!

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Our Philosophy

What sets our agency apart from the others? It’s not the extensive list of clients, a portfolio of award-winning work or even a stellar profit.

 Our reputation for excellent service is paramount for us. Our business philosophy is rooted in building long-term relationships with clients and delivering impressive results. We believe that digital marketing doesn’t need to come at a premium price. Instead, the dynamic solutions that we create are affordable and have a lasting impact on your customers.
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Why We’re Right For You!

You can expect personalized service without the premium price tag. That means we’re just one phone call away for any questions or consultations that you may need. We’re an extension of your business and that means we share the same concern and care that you do.

 If you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have the tech experts to see your project through end-to-end. Whether it’s a short-term or long-term project, we’ll be upfront about what’s necessary, the timeline and the budget.
The only surprise you should expect is the positive return-on-investment that you didn’t think was possible!

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Whether looking for a complete digital marketing package or just affordable SEO services to boost your brand awareness and get new leads, Just 99 Design is here to help. We can work around your budget, and this is why we offer both affordable and custom web design services. Whether it’s copywriting you need for a certain page, a logo redesign, or a new website – we guarantee to walk you through the entire process, start to finish, to make sure that you are completely satisfied. However, just don’t take our word for granted; take a look at what others think about us.


Just 99 Web Design is a results-driven digital marketing agency that helps Start, Grow, and Sustain businesses with our affordable internet marketing services.


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